Baseus iPhone 13 mini rispuvarið hlífðargler

This tempered glass is extremely durable and made of high-quality plastic. An extremely durable cover that perfectly protects the phone screen from scratching and damage from falling.

The glass is perfectly matched , has a hardness of 9H (Mohs scale) and an oleophobic coating that protects the display against greasy marks and fingerprints. In addition, it does not distort the image and does not adversely affect the touch sensitivity .

Together with the glass, you will receive a set that allows you to stick the glass to your phone yourself.


The glass is only 0.3 mm thick ! With such dimensions, it is very easy to forget that you have them on your phone at all!

Durable and safe

The accessory boasts a hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale , which gives it exceptional scratch and impact resistance . However, if you somehow manage to damage it, thanks to a special protective layer, it will not fall into dozens of sharp, dangerous pieces.

No more dirt

The glass is also covered with an oleophobic coating , which absorbs moisture, reducing the formation of smudges and fingerprints . Clear image and attractive appearance without constantly wiping the display.

The comfort of use remains unchanged

With all its protective properties, the cover in no way reduces the convenience of using the smartphone . Neither the sensitivity of the screen, nor the quality of the displayed image or photos taken. You increase the security of your phone without losing anything!

The best friend of the phone and … covers

Glass is completely “ case friendly „, which means that no matter what type of case you put your smartphone in, the screen protector will stay in place to guard your equipment. Without annoying undermining its edges and possible detachment of the whole.

1.990 kr.


Hlífðargler fyrir iPhone 13 mini. Rispuvarið og öflugt 0.3 mm hert gler.

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